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Hair Growth Nutraceutical

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Nutrafol Stress Adaptogen


60 Capsules

While our Hair Growth Nutraceuticals address all 6 root causes of hair thinning, some of us need added support for our most problematic root causes based on our current lifestyle. Our targeted boosters are complementary formulas to help personalize and focus your growth journey in areas you need it most. Stress Adaptogen is designed to provide additional stress support with ingredients that improve the stress response and help your body become more resilient to mental and emotional stressors for a healthy hair growth cycle.

Rhodiola supports a healthy response to mental, emotional, and physical stress, which is essential for a balanced hair growth cycle.

Schisandra is a powerful antioxidant that helps defend the body from the impacts of stress and was shown in preclinical studies to increase hair fiber length and to help extend the hair growth cycle.

Reishi Mushroom is known to calm immune systems triggered by stress, a key factor in healthy hair growth.



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Hair Growth Nutraceutical

Hair Growth Nutraceutical

Leave-in serum with patented ingredients that support thicker-looking hair